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Mi-chan, Minakata Yui, Fukasawa Midori, KANAME☆ for Alice and the Pirates’ Time Travel Station fashion show
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Just placed a bid on this one, waiting for response now.
I was waiting for another cut to be sale by BTSSB official site, but I just found the green color sold out. (I only want the green one) AND I do aware this cut’s price is going higher in jp bid web sites.
I can not give it up, thinking the print is about “Gone with the wind” While I am kind like collecting “movie print” with I already have Sweet Rome Secret OP…
So I made a decision to buy this one with almost full price —— while actually this violated my rule for BTSSB’s dress buying and I do prefer another cut a bit :(
So baby you gonna being popular from now on or I will be very annoying (lol

Going to list some new item in Lacemarket to get money for food……
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New Angelic Pretty Series “Dramatic Rose”
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Tamashiro Tina 玉城ティナ playing Rapunzel for Fairy Tales Cosplay Set Collection - Haco - 2014
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Misako Aoki, Katou Noir and me at Gothic&Lolita festival tea-party. Thanks JustMoolti for great photos!
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Dress: DRAMA, The Night We All Fall -Op-
Design: Hidox Rose Addict
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✞Gothchild✞Inspired by my all-time favourite manga by Kaori Yuki.Jacket is from Moi-même-Moitié, the rest is off-brand. I also made a jabot from a handkerchief and used the spare lace to decorate my hat - I really like how it turned out.
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GOSICK - Victorique I by MadeinPlute
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